About The Academy

The Christopher Maloney Academy coaches children of ages 3-19 and combines Performing Arts, Singing, Dancing and Acting.

Split by age groups, the classes are run every Saturday (Liverpool).

Under Christopher’s direction, a team of top quality teachers use creative and quality coaching to train each student to the best of their own ability.

Chris’ experience and career achievements to date can open doors for unique performance opportunities.

Academy Classes May Include

  • Singing
  • Dancing
  • Acting
  • Performing Arts
  • Musical Theatre
  • Media Training
  • Radio Presenting
  • Script Writing
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Building confidence through singing, acting and dance classes. Our classes will help to build the confidence of many children, as well as providing a springboard for some of the country’s leading young performers.

For children who want to develop their skills, or those who are just shy and looking to gain in confidence, The Academy offers a safe, friendly and fun environment to learn and explore the performing arts, from musical theatre classes and singing lessons to dance workshops and much more.

Classes are grouped by age, and class sizes are kept small – so that each child can develop at their own pace, always with the support of the principal, coaches and of course group.

Take the first step in becoming the next star of tomorrow by joining The Christopher Maloney Academy Today.