During The Day At Our Academies

During the day at our academies each student participates in Musical theatre, Street, modern jazz, tap, contemporary, script work, singing / vocal technique and drama improvisation as well as partaking in unique specialised master classes. All of our classes are taken by established working industry professionals who know just what it takes to succeed in this business, whether you wish to make a career as a singer, dancer, actor or all three or just simply love to perform The Christopher Maloney Academy’ is the place for you. Whether you have bags of experience, or just want to discover your hidden talents, the academy will provide a supportive environment to give you the confidence and skills to realise your potential and dreams. Our Saturday & Sunday Academies run throughout the year, providing all the essential criteria to make it in the industry. Each of the classes are taken by the highest standard of professional coaches.

Our Academy Classes

The academy classes are split into groups of age and ability this ensures our students are given the best tuition and guidance and helps them to excel. Academy students will get:

  • Professional training taught by stars of west end, T.V, film and stage.
  • Professional end of term performance in front of family and friends.
  • An opportunity to be seen by industry professionals including casting directors, agents, television producers and directors as you will be included to our books on the Official Academy Casting Agency.
  • A safe, fun and supportive environment to give you the confidence to grow to your full potential.
  • Small class sizes to ensure that individual attention is always available.
  • Opportunity to make friends with other young people who share a keen interest in the world of performance.
  • Confidence in your abilities; exercise and expand your imagination, strengthen focus, concentration and memory, improve your posture and coordination.
  • Develop communication skills and understand what it really means to work in a team.