Congratulations to Christopher Maloney on his engagement to now finance Gary Doran.

Christopher (36) and Gary (32) met seven years ago last September and Christopher had recently hinted he was ready to take the next step.

On Saturday 24th January in a private Sinai Oasis in the Sharm El Sheikh desert, owned by Shiekh Hussian, whilst sitting down to a luxurious lunch Christopher nervously popped the question, which was happily answered with a yes!

So as not to give the game away Christopher paid for close friend and patron of his performing arts academy, Daniella Westbrook, to fly out and join them as an extra surprise for Gary; as well as to join in with the presumed celebrations.

The whole romantic plan was organised by Sinai Safari Adventures alongside Christopher’s management, Krystal Management.

The newly engaged couple are naturally delighted to share this news and couldn’t have wished to begin their engagement any other way, in the company of Daniella and Shiekh Hussian surrounded by the beautiful location.

Christopher has hinted it won’t be a long engagement and the couple will begin discussing dates once his UK tour is complete in April/May this year.